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About the Breed

History of the Breed:

The Shetland Sheepdog comes from the Shetland Islands, north of Scotland.They were originally called 'Toonie' or 'Peerie' dogs; 'Toon' being the local name for the 'Croft' or dwelling, and ''Peerie' meaning 'fairy' indicating the daintiness or size of the dogs, which belied their strength and remarkable durability. The Islands are also famous as the home of the Shetland Pony.

The Sheltie Character:

The most distinctive, and certainly the most endearing qualities of the Shetland sheepdog are his temperament and personality. He is dependable, intelligent, sensible, eager to please, naturally well-mannered - one of the most trainable of breeds. .

Two words express the Sheltie's relationship to his owner - 'sensitive and responsive'. Because of this sensitive nature the Sheltie isn't likely to become a nuisance. It takes proper training, socialization and play on your part to enable your Sheltie to develop his personality to it's fullest potential.

The Sheltie with true 'old fashioned' Sheltie character, may seem to others to be 'just another dog' because he 'turns on' only to his special person.

Shelties are easy to live with. They love travelling, are quick to learn, and can live indoors or out equally well. As a child's pet, Shelties excel. However, they are best raised with children from a young age. The Sheltie that has been raised in an all-adult household is often frightened by a child's more abrupt movements. Unlike some dog breeds, there is little difference in the temperament of male and female Shelties, they are equally intelligent.

Some Shelties are bolder than others; some are more demonstrative of their affection; some are quiet and others are more active. Within the range of acceptable temperaments you will find a considerable variation from which to select the dog most suited to your personality and lifestyle.


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